Sold on September 17, 2009 to Elie Kleiman of Paris, France.

This guitar has a top of bear claw Sitka spruce, back and sides of spalted red heart big leaf maple, and a one piece neck of red heart big leaf maple. The finger board, peg head overlay, truss rod cover, finger rest, tailpiece and tailpiece nut are all ebony. The makers logo is abalam of Korean Awabi (a small abalone). The three strand peg head decoration is pink and yellow mother of pearl along with Mexican green abalone. The finger board inlays are brown lip pearl.

November 28, 2009 11:16:02 AM PST


After spending most of my Saturday playing my Skylark, all I can say is KUDOS TO YOU FOR A FANTASTIC JOB. You did build a great guitar. The acoustic response is rich and warm and well balanced. The playability is superb. I like those Thomastik strings. I also use the Benson Thomastik 14's in flatwound on my Borys BG 120 (it's a 17") - I like those strings but I don't think the Skylark needs 14's. I am perfectly happy with this set up so far. The Lindy Fralin pickup comes pretty close to a DeArmond 1100. However, I like the acoustic sound so much that I spent most of the time playing and practicing acoustic. I have posted some pictures of the guitar on Facebook, with links to your website. I hope you will have enquiries and perhaps new customers. Never hesitate to use me as a reference. I will be happy to sing your praises.
I have been trying to play Skylark in chord soloing... I'm afraid that Jeffrey did a much better job on the video that you posted on your website... I've got some work to do....
Take care


November 29, 2009 7:44:24 AM PST

I am honored to be an official Michael McCarthy fan! If you have any enquiries from aspiring buyers, I'll be happy to speak to them!

Pure acoustic arch tops (with or w/o floating pickup), carved tops with mounted pickups, plywood with mounted pickups, I really like all three categories but nothing beats the pleasure of the guitar's vibrations against your body that only well built hand carved tops produce... Your guitar really holds its own compared to some of my favorite instruments, some with very prestigious builders' names on them. I am surrounded by top quality instruments.
The beauty and mystery is that no single guitar has it all, each having its personality and of course limits. Of course some have more of 'it' than others... Yours sits amongst my acoustic favorites.  I love my Duet (Ribbecke/Manzer), my 58 D'Angelico Excel cutaway, my 71 D'Aquisto Excel, 1950 Epiphone Emperor Regent, 57 Super 400 CN, 1949 L12 P, and several older non cut ladies made by D'Angelico, Gibson and Epiphone...
My 88 Benedetto Cremona is 100% sweet and balanced but gives best results when played electric. I also have a 1960 Johnny Smith Award, that is really incredible both acoustically and electric - the Skylark is in the same league. I don't know if it can be as loud as the Duet, the 58 Excel or the 50 Emperor but I would not be surprised if it were if stringed with the 13's - 56 brass strings as put on my pure acoustics. The Thomastiks are optimal for your Skylark it seems to me, because they produce that mellow and sweet tone that is great both plugged and unplugged, while not compromising too much on volume. Surely D'Aquisto Brassmasters or J-17 D'Addario would produce more acoustic response - although through the pickup they would sound awful.
I am very happy after almost another full day of playing.
I heard about Ken Parker but never played one of his guitars. I checked a couple of sound clips that are posted on his website.. very beautiful acoustic tone.
Let's keep in touch - and keep up the good work!


‘Skylark’ video

‘Pannonica’ video