The finger rest is a secure floating platform that is attached only to the neck extension. It provides the player a steady reference from near the end of the finger board to near the bridge, but does not impede the fingering hand when reaching for notes near the end of the finger board. It will also accommodate a floating magnetic pickup.

To enable these conflicting features, I designed a special finger rest bracket, and had it fabricated out of aluminum bronze.

The top bracket in the picture is presenting its top surface, and the bottom bracket is presenting its bottom surface. The two counter sunk holes are the attachment points at the neck extension. A cavity in the neck extension under the finger board accommodates the 5/16” x 1/8” bracket mounting tab. The finger rest is attached to the bracket with screws that thread into the other two holes. The bracket has an extension that will surround the corners of the mounting tab of a magnetic pickup, which will be attached to the finger rest.

Here is the bracket installed on the neck extension of a guitar under construction. The neck extension has been fitted to the neck tenon and the top over the neck block, and the neck dry fitted in place on the body, to check for clearance and orientation of the bracket.

There is room for some adjustment of the bracket angle if required.

The finger rest floats completely free of the top and rim, but it is firm and stable, and has a consistent aspect relative to the strings.

Neat and secure installation of a Kent Armstrong single coil floating pickup.

About 1/16” clearance over the top.